04 DEC 2013, Wednesday Bible Reading

First Reading     : Isaiah 25:6-10
Psalm                  : Psalm 23:1-6
Gospel                : Mathew 15:29-37 
First Reading     : Isaiah 25:6-10
 God’s Banquet for His Servants
 6The Lord All-Powerful will give a feast for all the people on this mountain. At the feast, there will be the best foods and wines. The meat will be good and tender, the wine pure and clear.
7But now there is a veil covering all nations and people. This veil is called “death.” 
8But death will be destroyed forever. And the Lord God will wipe away every tear from every face. In the past, all of his people were sad, but God will take away that sadness from the earth. All of this will happen because the Lord said it would.
9 At that time people will say, “ Here is our God! He is the one we have been waiting for. He has come to save us. We have been waiting for our Lord. So we will rejoice and be happy when he saves us.”
10 The Lord’s power is on this mountain, and Moab will be defeated. The Lord will trample the enemy like someone walking on straw in a pile of waste.
Psalm                : Psalm 23:1-6

 A song of David.*
1 The Lord is my shepherd. I will always have everything I need.
2 He gives me green pastures to lie in. He leads me by calm pools of water.
3 He restores my strength. He leads me on right paths to show that he is good.
4 Even if I walk through a valley as dark as the grave,I will not be afraid of any danger,
because you are with me. Your rod and staff comfort me.
5 You prepared a meal for me in front of my enemies. You welcomed me as an honored guest. My cup is full and spilling over.
6 Your goodness and mercy will be with me all my life, and I will live in the Lord’s house a long, long time.
 Gospel               : Mathew 15:29-37
Jesus Heals Many People
29Then Jesus went from there to the shore of Lake Galilee. He went up on a hill and sat down.
30A large crowd of people came to him. They brought many other sick people and put
them before him. There were people who could not walk, people who were blind, crippled,
or deaf, and many others. Jesus healed them all. 
31People were amazed when they saw that those who could not speak were now able to speak. Crippled people were made strong. Those who could not walk were now able to walk. The blind were able to see. Everyone thanked the God of Israel* for this.

Jesus Feeds More Than 4000
(Mk. 8:1‑10)

32Jesus called his followers to him and said, “I feel sorry for these people. They have been
with me three days, and now they have nothing to eat. I don’t want to send them away hungry. They might faint while going home.”
33The followers asked Jesus, “Where can we get enough bread to feed all these people?
We are a long way from any town.” 
34Jesus asked, “How many loaves of bread do you have?” They answered, “We have seven loaves of bread and a few small fish.”
35Jesus told the people to sit on the ground. 
36He took the seven loaves of bread and the fish. Then he gave thanks to God for the food.
He broke the bread into pieces, which he gave to the followers, and they gave the food to the people. 
37All the people ate until they were full. After this, the followers filled seven baskets with the pieces of food that were not eaten.
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