07 DEC 2013, Saturday Bible Reading

First Reading: Isaiah 30:19-21, 23-26
 God Will Help His People
19 You people who live in Jerusalem on Mount Zion will not continue crying. The Lord will hear your crying, and he will comfort you. When he hears you, he will help you.
20 The Lord might give you sorrow and pain like the bread and water you eat every day. But God is your teacher, and he will not continue to hide from you. You will see your teacher with your own eyes.
21 If you wander from the right path, either to the right or to the left, you will hear a voice behind you saying, “You should go this way. Here is the right way.”
23 At that time the Lord will send you rain. You will plant seeds, and the ground will grow food for you. You will have a very large harvest. You will have plenty of food in the fields for your animals. There will be large fields for your sheep.
24 Your cattle and donkeys will have all the food they need. There will be much food. You will have to use shovels and pitchforks to spread all the food for your animals to eat.
25 Every mountain and hill will have streams filled with water. These things will happen after many people are killed and the enemy’s towers are pulled down.
26 At that time the light from the moon will be as bright as the sun, and the light from the sun will be seven times brighter than it is now. One day of sunlight will be like a whole week’s worth. This will happen when the Lord bandages his broken people and heals the hurts from their beatings.
Psalm: Psalm 147:1-6  
1 Praise the Lord because he is good. Sing praises to our God. It is good and pleasant to praise him.
2 The Lord rebuilds Jerusalem. He brings back the Israelites who were taken as prisoners.
3 He heals their broken hearts and bandages their wounds.
4 He counts the stars and knows each of them by name.
5 Our Lord is great and powerful. There is no limit to what he knows.
6 The Lord supports the humble, but he shames the wicked.
Gospel: Matthew 9:3510:1, 5-8  
Jesus Feels Sorry for the People
35 Jesus traveled through all the towns and villages. He taught in their synagogues and told people the Good News about God’s kingdom. He healed all kinds of diseases and sicknesses. 
Jesus Sends His Apostles on a Mission
1 Jesus called his twelve followers together. He gave them power over evil spirits and power to heal every kind of disease and sickness.
5 Jesus sent the twelve men out with these instructions: “Don’t go to the non-Jewish people. And don’t go into any town where the Samaritans live.
6 But go to the people of Israel. They are like sheep that are lost.
7 When you go, tell them this: ‘God’s kingdom is coming soon.’
8 Heal the sick. Bring the dead back to life. Heal the people who have leprosy. And force demons out of people. I give you these powers freely, so help others freely.

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