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Sunday Homily – 10 March 2024

Fourth Sunday Of Lent, Second Scrutiny of the Elect/ Lenten Mass Readings

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Gospel: John 3: 14-21

You are your judge. The choice you make is your judgment. You can’t skip making a choice; you have to choose between light and darkness. Your choice is your destiny. If you choose light daily, that will be your eternal choice. If you prefer darkness, then darkness shall be your eternal choice. You have none to blame for the choices you make.

It is comfortable to be in darkness. It is easy to hide your shady sides in darkness. In the darkness, you can pretend as you wish. There you can keep your true identity hidden. Acting is best possible under different shades of darkness. 

But it is unsafe in the dark; you will not see the dangers lurking around you. You don’t know if the next step leads you to a deep pit; few can save you from there. Or you step on a poisonous snake waiting for its prey. You don’t know if you are within striking distance of a predator waiting.

Light exposes you. First of all, you will see yourself better. The closer to the light the better you will see yourself. You will be in a position to appreciate the beauty in you and in others. You shall be able to identify your imperfections and rectify them. You can make sure that you are sufficiently away from predators and poisonous reptiles. 

Light is not comfortable. Light is a big nuisance especially when you step out of darkness. You get blinded by the light as you move into light.

Jesus is the light sent from above.  He does not force Himself over the world. Everyone is welcome to break the shell of darkness and come to Jesus and enjoy the refreshing and reassuring light.

The gospel of the day is the latter part of the conversation between Jesus and Nicodemus. By being close to Jesus, a self-righteous pharisee gradually comes out of his dark shell. He went on to proclaim Jesus, the true light, at the Sanhedrin and stand by Jesus at the hour of His death. Even the death of Jesus could not scare him. That is the power of Jesus, the true light.

Lent is a reminder to evaluate our daily choices. Choose light, it may hurt you for a while, but sooth you for eternity.


Fr. Bobby Joseph CMI
Fr. Bobby Joseph CMI
Hello, I am Fr. Bobby Joseph CMI, a Catholic priest belonging to the Indian Carmelite order, Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI), founded by three pious 19th-century priests: Fr. Thomas Palackal, Fr. Thomas Porukara, and St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara. Currently, I work as a missionary priest working in Peru. May God bless you all!

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