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Sunday Homily – 18 February 2024

First Sunday Of Lent

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Gospel: Mark 1: 12-15

Satan had the temerity to tempt Jesus. It knew who Jesus was; it had confessed the divinity of Jesus multiple times, yet it had the temerity to confront Jesus with temptations.

Be assured then, no one is beyond temptations. You will not be spared of temptations. No one is too holy to be tempted.

A Desert is a place with a harsh climate, hostile animals including poisonous serpents, and little food and water. Desert is where comfort is a distant dream. Yet, Jesus went there ‘driven by the Holy Spirit.’

Holy Spirit is also called the Comforter. But He does not promise to take us to comfortable places. The comfort He promises is from within. When the Holy Spirit is driving you, no desert can make you uncomfortable.

The Lent is a time to accompany Jesus to the desert. There in the desert, we may miss many of our daily comforts. He is welcoming us to experience the comfort from within, the inner joy, a joy only the Holy Spirit can grant us.

Out there, the evil is waiting to tempt us harder. It is scared of anyone who is driven by the Holy Spirit. Anyone driven by the spirit of the world is on the side of evil. 

But we have no reason to be scared of it. The angels who ministered unto Jesus, are waiting to assist us in our fights. We are not left to fend for ourselves. Even when we are through the toughest desert, God has employed some of His angels to minister to us.

Do not expect the devil to appear with ugly horns, forked tongues, long tails, and black in color. Most of the time the evil appears as a kind guide who offers an easy shortcut. So, beware of those who offer shortcuts in life.

Similarly, often angels appear as fragile human beings, who are ready to offer you a helping hand in your struggles, rather than suggesting a shortcut. 

This Lent, try to be an angel for someone who is struggling in his or her desert. You are an angel when you carry the message of Jesus. His message is simple, “The kingdom of God is at hand. Repent, and believe in the gospel.”

Let us be ambassadors of the Kingdom of God. It is worth carrying the message, ‘The Kingdom of God is at hand.’


Fr. Bobby Joseph CMI
Fr. Bobby Joseph CMI
Hello, I am Fr. Bobby Joseph CMI, a Catholic priest belonging to the Indian Carmelite order, Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI), founded by three pious 19th-century priests: Fr. Thomas Palackal, Fr. Thomas Porukara, and St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara. Currently, I work as a missionary priest working in Peru. May God bless you all!

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