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Sunday Homily – 31 March 2024

Easter Sunday, The Resurrection of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

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Gospel: John 20: 1-9

There are many things you can loan for a while and return. The tomb is not one of them. Only once in the history of mankind, a tomb was hired for a weekend, and returned three days later, empty and clean. Not because the body was shifted to another tomb, but because the corpse ceased to be a corpse! Jesus is risen! Happy Easter!

Easter is the reason for Christian joy. Easter renders meaning to our crosses, our sufferings, and even our failures.

You may remember Easter Sunday, April 21, 2019, when some Islamic terrorists blasted some churches in Sri Lanka killing hundreds attending Easter Mass. Someone out there in media and political leaders who wanted to be politically neutral, called the victims ‘Easter worshippers,’ instead of calling them Christians. All Christians are indeed worshippers of the risen Jesus Christ, and thus can be called ‘Easter Worshippers.’ But our worship is not limited to Easter, we worship Jesus Christ every day of the year and every moment of our days. We are proud to be called the Easter people.

We are called to witness the resurrection of our Lord. Every action, every word, and even our thought shall witness to the risen Lord. We carry our crosses with joy because Jesus is risen. We forgive our offenders, because Jesus is risen, and so shall we. We are kind and merciful even when it hurts because the resurrected Jesus awaits us. We fight the demons inside and out because we know the resurrected Lord is with us. Yes, the Lord of Resurrection is with us! We are indeed the Easter people.

Let us remain Easter men and Easter women always. Let us continue to be Easter families and Easter communities!

Happy Easter!

Fr. Bobby Joseph CMI
Fr. Bobby Joseph CMI
Hello, I am Fr. Bobby Joseph CMI, a Catholic priest belonging to the Indian Carmelite order, Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI), founded by three pious 19th-century priests: Fr. Thomas Palackal, Fr. Thomas Porukara, and St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara. Currently, I work as a missionary priest working in Peru. May God bless you all!

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