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Sunday Homily – 28 August 2022


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Gospel: Luke 14: 1, 7-14

Almost nothing sells without promotion. Hence companies spend a lot of their money and manpower to promote their products and services. The tragedy for us is that we often underrate ourselves to be products to be promoted and sold. Only one knows our true value, God himself. The rest is either hype or undervaluation. They do it to serve their goals here and now. Jesus is hitting it to the head in today’s gospel. How you are evaluated by society does not reflect your worth.

If you know your true worth you will be the last to do your promotion; you will not fight for the best seat at any banquet. If you link your achievements – economic, educational, social, political, etc., – to your worth, you will be strongly tempted to sell yourself; to promote yourself hard. You will be grudging inside, if not getting upset publicly when you are offered a seat of less prominence. Remember your true worth has nothing to do with a seat at your friend’s banquet.

What is your true worth? God the Father considered you worthy enough to plot a salvation plan for you, including sending His only Son to this world to save you. God the Son considered you worthy enough to die on the cross to compensate for your sins. God the Holy Spirit considered you worthy enough to continue present inside you as the fire inspiring and helping you take the right path.

Who believes you are more worthy? What if anyone else considers you less? Your seat at the banquet is so insignificant. Can’t help feeling pity for those selling themselves with a lot of self-promotion. Who will tell them that they are worthy like heaven and stop selling themselves like peanuts? Yes, compared to being in Heaven with the Holy Trinity, everything else is peanut; sorry, the peanut is by exaggeration!

The final part of today’s gospel helps you evaluate others. Your job here on earth is not to evaluate others by their achievements, but to appreciate their real worth. Irrespective of their achievements, God the father offers them eternal salvation, Jesus offered His blood on the cross to repay for their sins, and the Holy Spirit wants to kindle the fire in their hearts. Who are you to sideline them? Reserve some space for the less privileged in your hearts; they shall be part of your banquets. And the Heavenly Father shall with great joy include you in His Banquet. And the Heavenly invitation awaits you, “come forward dear friend, take your seat!”

This short message does not intend to glorify laziness. We are all called to perform, and be achievers in our selected fields. Remember the parable of the ten coins (Lk 19, 11- 27). We are found worthy to be entrusted with those coins. Continue working on them; care little if others take note of it; care little if others are doing their job.

Be happy! Be grateful! God has found you worthy in many ways. God loves you at the Heavenly banquet. Make sure you are thereby sticking around God in this world. Obey the commandments, and keep being with him in personal prayers, family prayers, routine reception of the sacraments, and the Sunday Liturgy. Don’t forget to read His word, the Bible, on a daily basis.

God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit loves you!


Fr. Bobby Joseph CMI
Fr. Bobby Joseph CMI
Hello, I am Fr. Bobby Joseph CMI, a Catholic priest belonging to the Indian Carmelite order, Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI), founded by three pious 19th-century priests: Fr. Thomas Palackal, Fr. Thomas Porukara, and St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara. Currently, I work as a missionary priest working in Peru. May God bless you all!

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