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Bible in a Year – March – 5 | Day – 64

This is not the Readings at the Mass. For the Mass Readings, check the Mass Readings taken from the New Jerusalem Bible or the Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible.
March – 5 | Day – 64
Old Testament: Leviticus – 13 | Isaiah – 66

1 And the Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron, saying:

2 The man in whose skin or flesh there will have arisen a diverse color, or a pustule, or something that seems to shine, which is the mark of leprosy, shall be brought to Aaron the priest, or to anyone you wish among his sons.

3 And if he sees that leprosy is in his skin, and that the hair has turned a white color, and that the place where the leprosy appears is lower than the rest of the skin and the flesh, then it is the mark of leprosy, and at his judgment he shall be separated.

4 But if there will be a shining whiteness in the skin, but it is not lower than the rest of the flesh, and the hair is of unaffected color, the priest shall seclude him for seven days.

5 And on the seventh day he shall examine him, and if the leprosy certainly has not increased further, and has not spread itself in the skin, he shall seclude him again, for another seven days.

6 And on the seventh day, he shall evaluate him. If the leprosy has become obscured, and has not increased in the skin, he shall declare him clean, because it is a scab. And the man shall wash his clothes, and he shall be clean.

7 But if the leprosy increases again, after he was seen by the priest and restored to cleanness, he shall be brought to him,

8 and he shall be condemned of uncleanness.

9 If the mark of leprosy has been in a man, he shall be brought to the priest,

10 and he shall look upon him. And when there is a white color in the skin, and it has an altered appearance in its hair, and also the same flesh seems alive,

11 it shall be judged a chronic leprosy, which has grown into the skin. And so the priest shall declare him contaminated, and he shall not seclude him, because he is clearly unclean.

12 But if the leprosy will have flourished, coursing through the skin, and will have covered all the skin from the head even to the feet, whatever falls under the sight of the eyes,

13 the priest shall examine him, and he shall judge that the leprosy that he possesses is very clean, because it has all turned to whiteness, and for this reason the man shall be clean.

14 Yet truly, when the living flesh shall appear in him,

15 then by the judgment of the priest he shall be polluted, and he shall be considered to be among the unclean. For the live flesh, if it is spotted with leprosy, is unclean.

16 And if again it will have turned into whiteness, and will have covered the entire man,

17 the priest shall examine him, and he shall discern him to be clean.

18 But when there has been an ulcer in the flesh and the skin, and it has healed,

19 and in the place of the ulcer, there appears a white or reddish scar, the man shall be brought to the priest.

20 And when he will have seen the place of the leprosy lower than the rest of the flesh, and that the hair has turned white, he shall declare him contaminated. For the plague of leprosy has arisen from the ulcer.

21 But if the hair is of the usual color, and the scar is somewhat obscure and is not lower than the nearby flesh, he shall seclude him for seven days.

22 And if it will have certainly increased, he shall judge him to have leprosy.

23 But if it stays in its place, it is the scar of an ulcer, and the man shall be clean.

24 But if flesh and skin has been burned by fire, and, having been healed, now has a white or red scar,

25 the priest shall examine it, and if he sees that it has turned white, and that its place is lower than the rest of the skin, he shall declare him contaminated, for the mark of leprosy has arisen in the scar.

26 But if the color of the hair has not been changed, nor is the mark lower than the rest of the flesh, and the leprosy itself appears to be somewhat obscure, he shall seclude him for seven days,

27 and on the seventh day he shall evaluate him. If the leprosy will have increased further in the skin, he shall declare him contaminated.

28 But if the whiteness stays in its place and is not very clear, it is the mark of a burn, and for this reason he shall be declared clean, because it is only the scar from a burn.

29 If leprosy will have sprung up in the head or the beard of a man or woman, the priest shall look upon them,

30 and if the place is certainly lower than the rest of the flesh, and the hair is golden, and thinner than usual, he shall declare them contaminated, because it is the leprosy of the head and the beard.

31 But if he sees that the place of the spot is equal with the nearby flesh, and that the hair is black, he shall seclude him for seven days,

32 and on the seventh day he shall examine it. If the spot has not increased, and the hair has kept its color, and the place of the mark is equal with the rest of the flesh,

33 the man shall be shaven, except in the place of the spot, and he shall be secluded for another seven days.

34 On the seventh day, if the mark seems to have stayed in its place, and it is not lower than the rest of the flesh, he shall declare him clean, and, his clothes having been washed, he shall be clean.

35 But if, after his cleansing, the spot will have increased again in the skin,

36 he shall no longer inquire as to whether the hair has turned yellow, because he is plainly unclean.

37 Furthermore, if the spot has not increased, and the hair is black, let him know that the man is healed: and let him confidently pronounce him clean.

38 If a whiteness will have appeared in the skin of a man or a woman,

39 the priest shall examine them. If he detects an obscured whiteness shining in the skin, may he know that it is not leprosy, but a white-colored blemish, and that the man is clean.

40 The man whose hair falls off of his head is bald and clean.

41 And if the hair falls off of his forehead, he is bald in front and clean.

42 But if in the bald head or bald forehead there has arisen a white or reddish color,

43 and the priest will have seen this, he shall condemn him without doubt of leprosy, which has arisen in the baldness.

44 Therefore, whoever will have been spotted by leprosy, and who has been separated at the judgment of the priest,

45 shall have his clothes unstitched, his head bare, his mouth covered with a cloth, and he himself shall cry out that he is contaminated and filthy.

46 The entire time that he is a leper and unclean he shall live alone outside the camp.

47 A woolen or linen garment that will have held the leprosy,

48 in the main fibers or in any of the threads, or certainly in a skin, or whatever has been made from a skin,

49 if it has been infected with a white or red spot, it shall be considered to be leprosy, and it shall be shown to the priest.

50 And he, having examined it, shall close it up for seven days.

51 And on the seventh day, having looked at it again, if he detects an increase, it is a persistent leprosy; he shall judge the garment to be polluted, along with everything with which it has been found.

52 And because of this, it shall be burned in flames.

53 But if he will have seen that it has not increased,

54 he shall instruct them, and they shall wash whatever has the leprosy in it, and he shall close it up for another seven days.

55 And when he will have seen that the former appearance has not returned, even if the leprosy has not increased, he shall judge it to be unclean, and he shall burn it with fire, for the leprosy has been infused in the exterior of the garment, or throughout the whole.

56 But if the place of the leprosy has become somewhat darker, after the garment has been washed, he shall tear it away, and separate it from the part that is sound.

57 But if, after this, there will appear in those places which before were immaculate, a flying and wandering leprosy, it must be burned with fire.

58 If it will have ceased, he shall wash with water the parts which are pure for a second time, and they shall be clean.

59 This is the law about leprosy for any woolen or linen garment, in the weave and in the threads, and for all items made from skins, how it must be declared either clean or contaminated.


1 Thus says the Lord: Heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool. What is this house that you would build for me? And what is this place of my rest?

2 My hand has made all these things, and all these things have been made, says the Lord. But upon whom will I look with favor, except upon a poor little one, who is contrite in spirit, and who trembles at my words?

3 Whoever immolates an ox, it is as if he slaughters a man. Whoever sacrifices a sheep, it is as if he is smashing the head of a dog. Whoever offers an oblation, it is as if he is offering swine’s blood. Whoever makes remembrance with incense, it is as if he is blessing an idol. All these things, they have chosen according to their own ways, and their soul has taken delight in their own abominations.

4 Therefore, I also will choose their illusions, and I will lead over them the things that they feared. For I called, and there was no one who would respond. I have spoken, and they have not listened. And they have done evil in my eyes; and what I did not will, they have chosen.

5 Listen to the word of the Lord, you who tremble at his word. Your brothers, who hate you and who cast you out because of my name, have said: “Let the Lord be glorified, and we will see by your rejoicing.” But they themselves will be confounded.

6 A voice of the people from the city! A voice from the temple! The voice of the Lord repaying retribution to his enemies!

7 Before she was in labor, she gave birth. Before her time arrived for delivery, she gave birth to a male child.

8 Who has ever heard of such a thing? And who has seen anything like this? Will the earth give birth in one day? Or will a nation be born all at once? For Zion has been in labor, and she has given birth to her sons.

9 Will I, who causes others to give birth, not also give birth myself, says the Lord? Will I, who bestows generation upon others, be barren myself, says the Lord your God?

10 Rejoice with Jerusalem, and exult in her, all you who love her! Rejoice greatly with her, all you who mourn over her!

11 So may you nurse and be filled, from the breasts of her consolations. So may you receive milk and overflow with delights, from every portion of her glory.

12 For thus says the Lord: Behold, I will turn a river of peace toward her, with an inundating torrent: the glory of the Gentiles, from which you will nurse. You will be carried at the breasts, and they will caress you upon the knees.

13 In the manner of one whom a mother caresses, so will I console you. And you will be consoled in Jerusalem.

14 You will see, and your heart will be glad, and your bones will flourish like a plant, and the hand of the Lord will be known to his servants, and he will be angry with his enemies.

15 For behold, the Lord will arrive with fire, and his four-horse chariots will be like a whirlwind: to render his wrath with indignation, and his rebuke with flames of fire.

16 For the Lord will divide with fire, and with his sword among all flesh, and those slain by the Lord will be many.

17 Those who were sanctified, who thought themselves to be clean in the gardens behind the inner gate, who were eating swine’s flesh, and the abomination, and the mouse: they will be consumed all at once, says the Lord.

18 But I know their works and their thoughts. I am arriving, so that I may gather them together with all nations and languages. And they will approach, and they will see my glory.

19 And I will set a sign among them. And I will send some of those who will have been saved to the Gentiles in the sea, to Africa, and to those who draw the bow in Lydia, to Italy and Greece, to islands far away, to those who have not heard of me, and to those who have not seen my glory. And they will announce my glory to the Gentiles.

20 And they will lead all of your brothers from all of the Gentiles as a gift to the Lord, on horses, and in four-horse chariots, and on stretchers, and on mules, and in coaches, to my holy mountain Jerusalem, says the Lord, in the same manner that the sons of Israel would carry an offering in a pure vessel into the house of the Lord.

21 And I will take from them to be priests and Levites, says the Lord.

22 For in like manner as the new heavens and the new earth, which I will cause to stand before me, says the Lord, so will your offspring and your name stand.

23 And there will be month after month, and Sabbath after Sabbath. And all flesh will approach, so as to adore before my face, says the Lord.

24 And they will go out, and they will view the carcasses of the men who have transgressed against me. Their worm will not die, and their fire will not be extinguished. And they will be a sight to all flesh even unto revulsion.

Psalms: Psalms – 32:1-7

1 To David himself, understanding. Blessed are they whose iniquities are forgiven, and whose sins are covered.

2 Blessed is the man to whom the Lord hath not imputed sin, and in whose spirit there is no guile.

3 Because I was silent my bones grew old; whilst I cried out all the day long.

4 For day and night thy hand was heavy upon me: I am turned in my anguish, whilst the thorn is fastened.

5 I have acknowledged my sin to thee, and my injustice I have not concealed. I said I will confess against myself my injustice to the Lord: and thou hast forgiven the wickedness of my sin.

6 For this shall every one that is holy pray to thee in a seasonable time. And yet in a flood of many waters, they shall not come nigh unto him.

7 Thou art my refuge from the trouble which hath encompassed me: my joy, deliver me from them that surround me.

New Testament: Mark – 8:18-39

18 Having eyes, do you not see? And having ears, do you not hear? Do you not remember,

19 when I broke the five loves among the five thousand, how many baskets full of fragments you took up?” They said to him, “Twelve.”

20 And when the seven loaves were among the four thousand, how many baskets of fragments did you take up? And they said to him, “Seven.”

21 And he said to them, “How is it that you do not yet understand?”

22 And they went to Bethsaida. And they brought a blind man to him. And they petitioned him, so that he would touch him.

23 And taking the blind man by the hand, he led him beyond the village. And putting spit on his eyes, laying his hands on him, he asked him if he could see anything.

24 And looking up, he said, “I see men but they are like walking trees.”

25 Next he placed his hands again over his eyes, and he began to see. And he was restored, so that he could see everything clearly.

26 And he sent him to his house, saying, “Go into your own house, and if you enter into the town, tell no one.”

27 And Jesus departed with his disciples into the towns of Caesarea Philippi. And on the way, he questioned his disciples, saying to them, “Who do men say that I am?”

28 And they answered him by saying: “John the Baptist, others Elijah, still others perhaps one of the prophets.”

29 Then he said to them, “Yet truly, who do you say that I am?” Peter responded by saying to him, “You are the Christ.”

30 And he admonished them, not to tell anyone about him.

31 And he began to teach them that the Son of man must suffer many things, and be rejected by the elders, and by the high priests, and the scribes, and be killed, and after three days rise again.

32 And he spoke the word openly. And Peter, taking him aside, began to correct him.

33 And turning away and looking at his disciples, he admonished Peter, saying, “Get behind me, Satan, for you do not prefer the things that are of God, but the things that are of men.”

34 And calling together the crowd with his disciples, he said to them, “If anyone chooses to follow me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

35 For whoever will have chosen to save his life, will lose it. But whoever will have lost his life, for my sake and for the Gospel, shall save it.

36 For how does it benefit a man, if he gains the whole world, and yet causes harm to his soul?

37 Or, what will a man give in exchange for his soul?

38 For whoever has been ashamed of me and of my words, among this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of man also will be ashamed of him, when he will arrive in the glory of his Father, with the holy Angels.”

39 And he said to them, “Amen I say to you, that there are some among those standing here who shall not taste death until they see the kingdom of God arriving in power.”

Simplest Bible in a Year plan compiled using the “Catholic Public Domain Version Bible“. This is not the Readings at the Mass. For the Mass Readings, check the Mass Readings taken from the New Jerusalem Bible or the Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible.
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