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Bible in a Year – March – 1 | Day – 60

This is not the Readings at the Mass. For the Mass Readings, check the Mass Readings taken from the New Jerusalem Bible or the Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible.
March – 1 | Day – 60
Old Testament: Leviticus – 6-7 | Isaiah – 61-62

1 The Lord spoke to Moses, saying:

2 The soul who will have sinned, and, despising the Lord, will have denied to his neighbor the deposit which he had entrusted to his safekeeping, or who will have extorted anything by force, or who will have made a false accusation,

3 or who will have found a lost thing and then also withheld it by swearing falsely, or who will have done any other of the many things by which men usually sin:

4 being convicted of the offense, he shall restore

5 all that he wanted to obtain by fraud, the whole plus an additional fifth part, to the owner against whom he brought the damage.

6 Then, on behalf of his sin, he shall offer an immaculate ram from the flock, and he shall give it to the priest, according to the estimation and measure of the offense.

7 And he shall pray for him in the sight of the Lord, and he shall be released from any one of those things that he did when he sinned.

8 And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying:

9 Instruct Aaron and his sons: This is the law of a holocaust. It shall be burned upon the altar, all night until morning. The fire shall be from the same altar.

10 The priest shall be vested with the tunic and the linen undergarments. And he shall take up the ashes of that which the devouring fire has consumed, and, placing them next to the altar,

11 he shall strip off his former vestments, and being clothed with others, he shall carry them beyond the camp, and he shall cause them to be consumed, even to glowing embers, in a very clean place.

12 But the fire on the altar shall burn always, for the priest shall nourish it by placing wood under it each day in the morning. And, laying down the holocaust, he shall burn the fat of the peace offerings upon it.

13 This is the perpetual fire which shall never fail upon the altar.

14 This is the law of the sacrifice and the libations, which the sons of Aaron shall offer in the sight of the Lord, and before the altar.

15 The priest shall take a handful of fine wheat flour, which has been sprinkled with oil, and all the frankincense, which has been placed upon the flour, and he shall burn it upon the altar as a memorial of most sweet odor to the Lord.

16 And the remaining portion of the flour, Aaron shall eat with his sons, without leaven. And he shall eat it in the holy place, in the atrium of the tabernacle.

17 Yet for this reason, it shall not be leavened, because part of it is offered as an incense of the Lord. The Holy of holies shall it be, just as what is offered on behalf of sin and of transgression.

18 Only the males of the stock of Aaron shall eat it. This shall be an everlasting ordinance in your generations concerning the sacrifices of the Lord. All who will touch these shall be sanctified.

19 And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying:

20 This is the oblation of Aaron and of his sons, which they must offer to the Lord in the day of their anointing. They shall offer a tenth part of an ephah of fine wheat flour as a perpetual sacrifice, half of it in the morning, and half of it in the evening.

21 It shall be sprinkled with oil and fried in a frying pan. Then it shall be offered hot, as a most sweet odor to the Lord,

22 by the priest who by law succeeds his father. And it shall be entirely burned on the altar.

23 For every sacrifice of the priest shall be consumed by fire; neither shall anyone eat from it.

24 Then the Lord spoke to Moses, saying:

25 Say to Aaron and his sons: This is the law of the victim for sin. In the place where the holocaust is offered, it shall be immolated in the sight of the Lord. It is the Holy of holies.

26 The priest who offers it shall eat it in the holy place, in the atrium of the tabernacle.

27 Whatever will touch its flesh shall be sanctified. If a garment will be sprinkled with its blood, it shall be washed in a holy place.

28 Then the earthen vessel, in which it was soaked, shall be broken. But if the vessel will be of brass, it shall be scoured and washed with water.

29 Every male of priestly descent shall feed on its flesh, because it is the Holy of holies.

30 For the victim that is slain for sin, whose blood is carried into the tabernacle of the testimony, for expiation in the Sanctuary, shall not be eaten, but it shall be consumed by fire.

1 Likewise, this is the law of the sacrifice for a transgression. It is the Holy of holies.

2 Therefore, where the holocaust is immolated, the victim for a transgression shall also be slain. Its blood shall be poured out all around the altar.

3 They shall offer from it: the rump, and the fat that covers the vital organs,

4 the two little kidneys, and the fat that is near the sides, and the mesh of the liver with the little kidneys.

5 And the priest shall burn them upon the altar. It is the incense of the Lord on behalf of a transgression.

6 Every male of priestly descent shall feed on this flesh in a holy place, because it is the Holy of holies.

7 Just as the sacrifice for sin is offered, so also for a transgression; one law shall be for both sacrifices. It shall belong to the priest who offers it.

8 The priest who offers the victim of holocaust shall have its skin.

9 And every sacrifice of fine wheat flour which is baked in the oven, and whatever is prepared on the oven grating or in the frying pan, shall be for the priest who offers it.

10 Whether these will be sprinkled with oil, or left dry, an equal measure shall be divided to each one of the sons of Aaron.

11 This is the law of the victim of peace offerings, which is offered to the Lord.

12 If the oblation will be an act for giving thanks, they shall offer bread without leaven sprinkled with oil, and unleavened wafers anointed with oil, and fine wheat flour fried, and cakes sprinkled and mixed with oil,

13 and also, leavened bread with the sacrifice of thanksgiving, which is immolated for peace offerings.

14 Of these, one shall be offered to the Lord as the first-fruits, and one shall be for the priest who will pour out the blood of the victim.

15 The flesh of it shall be eaten on the same day; neither shall any of it remain until morning.

16 If anyone, by a vow or of his own accord, will have offered a sacrifice, it shall be eaten in a similar manner on the same day. But then if any of it will have remained until tomorrow, it is lawful to eat it.

17 Then whatever will be found on the third day shall be consumed with fire.

18 If anyone will have eaten from the flesh of the victim of peace offerings on the third day, the oblation will be nullified; neither will it benefit the one who offered it. But instead, whatever soul will contaminate itself with such foods will be guilty of a betrayal.

19 The flesh that has touched anything unclean shall not be eaten, but it shall be burnt with fire. He that is clean will feed on it.

20 If a soul which is polluted will have eaten from the flesh of the sacrifice of peace offerings, which is offered to the Lord, he shall perish from his people.

21 And whoever will have touched the uncleanness of man, or of beast, or of anything which is able to defile, and who will have eaten from this kind of flesh, shall be cut off from his people.

22 And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying:

23 Say to the sons of Israel: The fat of a sheep, and of an ox, and of a goat you shall not eat.

24 The fat of a carcass that has died on its own, or of an animal that has been seized by a wild beast, you shall have for various uses.

25 If anyone will have eaten the fat which ought to be offered as a burnt sacrifice of the Lord, he shall perish from his people.

26 Likewise, you shall not take as food the blood of any animals at all, whether of birds or beasts.

27 Every soul that will have eaten blood shall perish from his people.

28 And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying:

29 Speak to the sons of Israel, saying: Whoever offers a victim of peace offerings to the Lord, let him also offer at the same time a sacrifice, that is, its libations.

30 He shall hold in his hands the fat of the victim, and the breast. And when he will have offered and consecrated both to the Lord, he shall deliver them to the priest,

31 who shall burn the fat upon the altar. But the breast shall be for Aaron and his sons.

32 Likewise also, the right shoulder of the victim of peace offerings shall fall to the priest as first-fruits.

33 Among the sons of Aaron, whoever will have offered the blood and the fat, the same one shall also have the right shoulder for his portion.

34 So then, the breast that is lifted up, and the shoulder that is separated, I have taken from the sons of Israel, from their victims of peace offerings, and I have given these to Aaron the priest and to his sons, as a law in perpetuity, from all the people of Israel.

35 This is the anointing of Aaron and his sons, by the ceremonies of the Lord, in the day when Moses offered them, so that they may fulfill the priesthood,

36 and this is what the Lord instructed to be given to them by the sons of Israel, as a perpetual observance in their generations.

37 This is the law of the holocaust, and of the sacrifice for sin, and for transgression, and for consecration, and for the victims of peace offerings,

38 which the Lord appointed to Moses on mount Sinai, when he commanded the sons of Israel to offer their oblations to the Lord in the desert of Sinai.


1 The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, for the Lord has anointed me. He has sent me to bring good news to the meek, so as to heal the contrite of heart, to preach leniency to captives and release to the confined,

2 and so to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord and the day of vindication of our God: to console all who are mourning,

3 to take up the mourners of Zion and to give them a crown in place of ashes, an oil of joy in place of mourning, a cloak of praise in place of a spirit of grief. And there, they shall be called the strong ones of justice, the planting of the Lord, unto glorification.

4 And they will rebuild the deserted places of past ages, and they will raise up the ruins of antiquity, and they will repair the desolate cities, which had been dissipated for generation after generation.

5 And foreigners will stand up and will pasture your flocks. And the sons of sojourners will be your farmers and the workers of your vineyards.

6 But you yourselves will be called the priests of the Lord. It will be said to you, “You are the ministers of our God.” You will eat from the strength of the Gentiles, and you will pride yourself on their glory.

7 Instead of your double confusion and shame, they will praise their portion. Because of this, they will possess double in their land. Everlasting joy will be for them.

8 For I am the Lord, who loves judgment and who holds hatred for robbery within a burnt offering. And I will turn their work into truth, and I will forge a perpetual covenant with them.

9 And they will know their offspring among the nations, and their progeny in the midst of the peoples. All who see them will recognize them: that these are the offspring whom the Lord has blessed.

10 I will rejoice greatly in the Lord, and my soul will exult in my God. For he has clothed me with the vestments of salvation, and he has wrapped me in the clothing of justice, like a groom arrayed with a crown, and like a bride adorned with her jewels.

11 For as the earth brings forth its seedlings and the garden produces its seeds, so will the Lord God bring forth justice and praise in the sight of all the nations.

1 For the sake of Zion, I will not be silent, and for the sake of Jerusalem, I will not rest, until her Just One advances in splendor, and her Savior is kindled like a lamp.

2 And the Gentiles will see your Just One, and all the kings will see your Renown One. And you shall be called by a new name, which the mouth of the Lord will choose.

3 And you shall be a crown of glory in the hand of the Lord, and a royal diadem in the hand of your God.

4 You will no longer called Forsaken. And your land will no longer be called Desolate. Instead, you shall be called My Will within it, and your land shall be called Inhabited. For the Lord has been well pleased with you, and your land will be inhabited.

5 For the young man will live with the virgin, and your children will live with you. And the groom will rejoice over the bride, and your God will rejoice over you.

6 Upon your walls, O Jerusalem, I have stationed watchmen all day and all night unceasingly; they will not be silent. You who are mindful of the Lord, you should not be silent,

7 and you should not grant silence to him, until he makes firm and establishes Jerusalem as a praise upon the earth.

8 The Lord has sworn with his right hand and with the arm of his strength: “Certainly, I will no longer permit your grain to be the food of your enemies. And the sons of foreigners will not drink your wine, for which you have labored.”

9 For those who gather it will eat it, and they will praise the Lord. And those who bring it together will drink it in my holy courts.

10 Pass through, pass through the gates! Prepare a way for the people! Make the road level, remove the stones, and lift up a sign for the people!

11 Behold, the Lord has caused it to be heard to the ends of the earth. Tell the daughter of Zion: “Behold, your Saviour approaches! Behold, his reward is with him, and his work before him.”

12 And they will call them: The holy people, the redeemed of the Lord. Then you will be called: A city sought, and not forsaken.

Psalms: Psalms – 31:1-4

1 Unto the end, a psalm for David, in an ecstasy.

2 In thee, O Lord, have I hoped, let me never be confounded: deliver me in thy justice.

3 Bow down thy ear to me: make haste to deliver me. Be thou unto me a God, a protector, and a house of refuge, to save me.

4 For thou art my strength and my refuge; and for thy name’s sake thou wilt lead me, and nourish me.

New Testament: Mark – 6:24-45

24 And when she had gone out, she said to her mother, “What shall I request?” But her mother said, “The head of John the Baptist.”

25 And immediately, when she had entered with haste to the king, she petitioned him, saying: “I want you to give me at once the head of John the Baptist on a platter.”

26 And the king was greatly saddened. But because of his oath, and because of those who were sitting with him at table, he was not willing to disappoint her.

27 So, having sent an executioner, he instructed that his head be brought on a platter.

28 And he beheaded him in prison, and he brought his head on a platter. And he gave it to the girl, and the girl gave it her mother.

29 When his disciples heard about it, they came and took his body, and they placed it in a tomb.

30 And the Apostles, returning to Jesus, reported to him everything that they had done and taught.

31 And he said to them, “Go out alone, into a deserted place, and rest for a little while.” For there were so many who were coming and going, that they did not even have time to eat.

32 And climbing into a boat, they went away to a deserted place alone.

33 And they saw them going away, and many knew about it. And together they ran by foot from all the cities, and they arrived before them.

34 And Jesus, going out, saw a great multitude. And he took pity on them, because they were like sheep without a shepherd, and he began to teach them many things.

35 And when many hours had now passed, his disciples drew near to him, saying: “This is a deserted place, and the hour is now late.

36 Send them away, so that by going out to nearby villages and towns, they might buy provisions for themselves to eat.”

37 And responding, he said to them, “Give them something to eat yourselves.” And they said to him, “Let us go out and buy bread for two hundred denarii, and then we will give them something to eat.”

38 And he said to them: “How many loaves do you have? Go and see.” And when they had found out, they said, “Five, and two fish.”

39 And he instructed them to make them all sit down in groups on the green grass.

40 And they sat down in divisions by hundreds and by fifties.

41 And having received the five loaves and the two fish, gazing up to heaven, he blessed and broke the bread, and he gave it to his disciples to set before them. And the two fish he divided among them all.

42 And they all ate and were satisfied.

43 And they brought together the remainder: twelve baskets full of fragments and of fish.

44 Now those who ate were five thousand men.

45 And without delay he urged his disciples to climb into the boat, so that they might precede him across the sea to Bethsaida, while he dismissed the people.

Simplest Bible in a Year plan compiled using the “Catholic Public Domain Version Bible“. This is not the Readings at the Mass. For the Mass Readings, check the Mass Readings taken from the New Jerusalem Bible or the Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible.
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