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Bible in a Year – May – 8 | Day – 128

This is not the Readings at the Mass. For the Mass Readings, check the Mass Readings taken from the New Jerusalem Bible or the Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible.
May – 8 | Day – 128
Old Testament: Joshua – 13-14 | Jeremiah – 51:1-21

1 Joshua was old and advanced in age, and the Lord said to him: “You have grown old, and are aged, and a very wide land remains, which has not yet been divided by lot,

2 specifically, all of Galilee, Philistia, and all of Geshur;

3 from the muddy river, which irrigates Egypt, as far as the border of Ekron toward the north, the land of Canaan, which is divided among the rulers of Philistia: the Gazites, and the Ashdodites, the Ashkelonites, the Gathites, and the Ekronites;

4 truly, to the south are the Hivites, all the land of Canaan, and Mearah of the Sidonians, as far as Aphek and the borders of the Amorite

5 and his confines; also, the region of Lebanon toward the east, from Baalgad, under mount Hermon, until you enter into Hamath;

6 all who live in the mountains from Lebanon, as far as the waters of Misrephoth, and all the Sidonians. I am the One who will wipe them out, before the face of the sons of Israel. Therefore, let their land become a part of the inheritance of Israel, just as I have instructed you.

7 And now, divide the land as a possession to the nine tribes, and to the one half tribe of Manasseh.”

8 With them, Reuben and Gad have possessed the land, which Moses, the servant of the Lord, delivered to them beyond the river Jordan, on the eastern side:

9 from Aroer, which is situated on the bank of the torrent Arnon and in the midst of the valley, and all the plains of Medeba, as far as Dibon;

10 and all the cities of Sihon, the king of the Amorites, who reigned in Heshbon, even to the borders of the sons of Ammon;

11 and Gilead, as well as the borders of Geshur and Maacati, and all of mount Hermon, and all of Bashan, as far as Salecah;

12 the entire kingdom of Og in Bashan, who reigned at Ashtaroth and Edrei, (he was among the last of the Rephaim). And Moses struck and destroyed them.

13 And the sons of Israel were not willing to destroy Geshur and Maacati, and so they have lived in the midst of Israel, even to the present day.

14 But to the tribe of Levi, he did not give a possession. Instead, the sacrifices and victims of the Lord, the God of Israel, these are his inheritance, just as he spoke to him.

15 Therefore, Moses gave a possession to the tribe of the sons of Reuben, according to their families.

16 And their border was from Aroer, which is situated on the bank of the torrent Arnon, and in the midst of the valley of the same torrent, with all the flatlands that lead to Medeba;

17 and Heshbon, and all their villages, which are in the plains; also Dibon, and Bamothbaal, and the town of Baalmeon,

18 and Jahaz, and Kedemoth, and Mephaath,

19 and Kiriathaim, and Sibmah, and Zereth-shahar on the mountain of the steep valley;

20 Bethpeor, and the descending slopes of Pisgah, and Beth-jeshimoth;

21 and all the cities of the plain, and all the kingdoms of Sihon, the king of the Amorites, who reigned at Heshbon, whom Moses struck down with the leaders of Midian: Evi, and Rekem, and Zur, and Hur, and Reba, the commanders of Sihon, inhabitants of the land.

22 And the sons of Israel killed Balaam, the son of Beor, the seer, with the sword, along with the others who were slain.

23 And the river Jordan was made the border of the sons of Reuben; this is the possession of the Reubenites, by their families, in cities and villages.

24 And Moses gave to the tribe of Gad and his sons, by their families, a possession, of which this is the division:

25 the border of Jazer, and all the cities of Gilead, and one half part of the land of the sons of Ammon, as far as Aroer, which is opposite Rabbah;

26 and from Heshbon as far as Ramath, Mizpeh, and Betonim; and from Mahanaim as far as the borders of Debir;

27 also, in the valley Beth-haram and Beth-nimrah, and Succoth, and Zaphon, the remaining part of the kingdom of Sihon, the king of Heshbon; the limit of this also is the Jordan, as far as the furthest part of the sea of Chinnereth, beyond the Jordan on the eastern side.

28 This is the possession of the sons of Gad, by their families, in their cities and villages.

29 He also gave, to the one half tribe of Manasseh and to his sons, a possession according to their families,

30 the beginning of which is this: from Mahanaim, all of Bashan, and all the kingdoms of Og, the king of Bashan, and all the villages of Jair, which are in Bashan, sixty towns;

31 and one half part of Gilead, and Ashtaroth, and Edrei, the cities of the kingdom of Og in Bashan, to the sons of Machir, the son of Manasseh, to one half part of the sons of Machir, according to their families.

32 Moses divided this possession, in the plains of Moab, beyond the Jordan, opposite Jericho on the eastern side.

33 But to the tribe of Levi he did not give a possession. For the Lord, the God of Israel, is himself their possession, just as he spoke to him.

1 This is what the sons of Israel possessed in the land of Canaan, which Eleazar, the priest, and Joshua, the son of Nun, and the leaders of the families, by the tribes of Israel, gave to them,

2 dividing all by lot, just as the Lord had instructed by the hand of Moses, to the nine tribes and to the one half tribe.

3 For to the two and one half tribes, Moses had given a possession beyond the Jordan, aside from the Levites, who received no land among their brothers.

4 For by succession, the sons of Joseph, in their place, were divided into two tribes, Manasseh and Ephraim. But the Levites did not receive another portion of land, except cities in which to live, and their suburbs, so as to feed their beasts of burden and cattle.

5 Just as the Lord had commanded Moses, so the sons of Israel did, and they divided the land.

6 And so, the sons of Judah approached Joshua at Gilgal. And Caleb, the son of Jephone, the Kenizzite, spoke to him: “You know what the Lord said to Moses, the man of God, at Kadesh-barnea, about me and you.

7 I was forty years old when Moses, the servant of the Lord, sent me from Kadesh-barnea, so that I might consider the land. And I reported to him what seemed to me to be true.

8 But my brothers, who had ascended with me, broke the heart of the people. And I nevertheless followed the Lord my God.

9 And Moses swore, on that day, saying: ‘The land that your foot has tread upon shall be your possession, and that of your sons, unto eternity. For you have followed the Lord my God.’

10 Therefore, the Lord has granted life to me, just as he promised, even to the present day. It has been forty-five years since the Lord spoke this word to Moses, when Israel was wandering through the wilderness. Today, I am eighty-five years old,

11 being just as strong as I was at that time, when I was sent to explore the land. The fortitude in me at that time continues even until today, as much to fight as to march.

12 Therefore, grant to me this mountain, which the Lord has promised in your hearing also, on which are the Anakim, and cities, great and fortified. Perhaps it may be that the Lord will be with me, and I will be able to destroy them, just as he promised to me.”

13 And Joshua blessed him, and he delivered Hebron to him as a possession.

14 And from then on, Hebron was for Caleb, the son of Jephunneh, the Kenizzite, even to the present day. For he followed the Lord, the God of Israel.

15 Previously, the name Hebron was called Kiriath-Arba. Adam, the greatest among the Anakim, was laid there. And the land ceased from battles.


1 Thus says the Lord: “Behold, I will raise up, over Babylon and over its inhabitants, who have lifted up their heart against me, something like a pestilent wind.

2 And I will send winnowers into Babylon, and they will winnow her, and they will demolish her land. For they will overwhelm her from every side in the day of her affliction.

3 Let him who draws the bow, not draw his bow. And let him who wears armor, not rise up. Do not spare her young men. Destroy her entire military.

4 And the slain will fall in the land of the Chaldeans, and the wounded in its regions.

5 Yet Israel and Judah have not been widowed by their God, the Lord of hosts, though their land has been filled with transgression against the Holy One of Israel.

6 Flee from the midst of Babylon! And let each one save his own life. Do not be silent about her iniquity. For it is the time of revenge from the Lord. He himself will repay her, in her turn.

7 Babylon is a gold cup in the hand of the Lord, inebriating the entire earth. The nations have drunk from her wine, and therefore they have staggered.

8 Suddenly, Babylon has fallen and been crushed. Wail over her! Take a balm to her pain, if perhaps she may be healed.”

9 We would have cured Babylon, but there is no cure. Let us abandon her, and let each one of us go to his own land. For her judgment has reached even to the heavens, and has been lifted up even to the clouds.

10 The Lord has brought forth our justices. Come and let us describe in Zion the work of the Lord our God.”

11 Sharpen the arrows, fill the quivers. The Lord has raised up the spirit of the kings of the Medes. And his mind is against Babylon, so that he may destroy her. For this is the vengeance of the Lord, the vengeance of his temple.

12 Upon the walls of Babylon, lift up a sign. Increase the watch! Rouse the watchmen! Prepare ambushes! For the Lord has planned and has accomplished all that he has spoken, against the inhabitants of Babylon.

13 You who live above many waters, rich in treasures: your end has arrived, your measure has been cut short.

14 The Lord of hosts has sworn by himself, saying: “For I will fill you with men as with locusts, and they will sing a rhythmic chant against you.”

15 The One who made the earth by his strength, who prepared the world by his wisdom, and who stretched out the heavens by his prudence:

16 when he utters his voice, the waters will be multiplied in the heavens. The One who lifts up the clouds from the ends of the earth: he has turned lightning into rain, and he has brought forth wind from his storehouses.

17 Each man has become foolish before his own knowledge. Each sculptor has been confounded by his own sculpture. For what he has formed of them is a lie, and there is no spirit in them.

18 They are empty works, deserving of ridicule. In the time of their visitation, they will perish.

19 The portion of Jacob is not like their portion. For the One who made all things is his portion, and Israel is the scepter of his inheritance. The Lord of hosts is his name:

20 For me, you strike together the instruments of war; and with you, I will strike together nations; and with you, I will scatter the kingdoms.

21 And with you, I will strike together the horse and his rider; and with you, I will strike together the chariot and its rider.

Psalms: Psalms – 58:5-12

5 Their madness is according to the likeness of a serpent: like the deaf asp that stoppeth her ears:

6 Which will not hear the voice of the charmers; nor of the wizard that charmeth wisely.

7 God shall break in pieces their teeth in their mouth: the Lord shall break the grinders of the lions.

8 They shall come to nothing, like water running down; he hath bent his bow till they be weakened.

9 Like wax that melteth they shall be taken away: fire hath fallen on them, and they shall not see the sun.

10 Before your thorns could know the brier; he swalloweth them up, as alive, in his wrath.

11 The just shall rejoice when he shall see the revenge: he shall wash his hands in the blood of the sinner.

12 And man shall say: If indeed there be fruit to the just: there is indeed a God that judgeth them on the earth.

New Testament: Luke – 22:50-71

50 And one of them struck the servant of the high priest and cut off his right ear.

51 But in response, Jesus said, “Permit even this.” And when he had touched his ear, he healed him.

52 Then Jesus said to the leaders of the priests, and the magistrates of the temple, and the elders, who had come to him: “Have you gone out, as if against a thief, with swords and clubs?

53 When I was with you each day in the temple, you did not extend your hands against me. But this is your hour and that of the power of darkness.”

54 And apprehending him, they led him to the house of the high priest. Yet truly, Peter followed at a distance.

55 Now as they were sitting around a fire, which had been kindled in the middle of the atrium, Peter was in their midst.

56 And when a certain woman servant had seen him sitting in its light, and had looked at him intently, she said, “This one was also with him.”

57 But he denied him by saying, “Woman, I do not know him.”

58 And after a little while, another one, seeing him, said, “You also are one of them.” Yet Peter said, “O man, I am not.”

59 And after the interval of about one hour had passed, someone else affirmed it, saying: “Truly, this one also was with him. For he is also a Galilean.”

60 And Peter said: “Man, I do not know what you are saying.” And at once, while he was still speaking, the rooster crowed.

61 And the Lord turned around and looked at Peter. And Peter remembered the word of the Lord that he had said: “For before the rooster crows, you will deny me three times.”

62 And going out, Peter wept bitterly.

63 And the men who were holding him ridiculed him and beat him.

64 And they blindfolded him and repeatedly struck his face. And they questioned him, saying: “Prophesy! Who is it that struck you?”

65 And blaspheming in many other ways, they spoke against him.

66 And when it was daytime, the elders of the people, and the leaders of the priests, and the scribes convened. And they led him into their council, saying, “If you are the Christ, tell us.”

67 And he said to them: “If I tell you, you will not believe me.

68 And if I also question you, you will not answer me. Neither will you release me.

69 But from this time, the Son of man will be sitting at the right hand of the power of God.”

70 Then they all said, “So you are the Son of God?” And he said. “You are saying that I am.”

71 And they said: “Why do we still require testimony? For we have heard it ourselves, from his own mouth.”

Simplest Bible in a Year plan compiled using the “Catholic Public Domain Version Bible“. This is not the Readings at the Mass. For the Mass Readings, check the Mass Readings taken from the New Jerusalem Bible or the Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible.
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