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Bible in a Year – May – 27 | Day – 147

This is not the Readings at the Mass. For the Mass Readings, check the Mass Readings taken from the New Jerusalem Bible or the Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible.
May – 27 | Day – 147
Old Testament: Judges – 20-21 | Baruch – 5:1-6:13

1 And so all the sons of Israel went out like one man, from Dan to Beersheba, with the land of Gilead, and they gathered together, before the Lord, at Mizpah.

2 And all the chiefs of the people, and every tribe of Israel, convened as an assembly of the people of God, four hundred thousand foot soldiers for battle.

3 (But it was not hidden from the sons of Benjamin that the sons of Israel had ascended to Mizpah.) And the Levite, the husband of the woman who was killed, being questioned as to how so great a crime had been perpetrated,

4 responded: “I went to Gibeah of Benjamin, with my wife, and I diverted to that place.

5 And behold, the men of that city, at night, surrounded the house in which I was staying, intending to kill me. And they abused my wife with such an incredible fury of lust that in the end she died.

6 And taking her up, I cut her into pieces, and I sent the parts into all the borders of your possession. For never before was such a nefarious crime, and so great a sin, committed in Israel.

7 You are all present here, O sons of Israel. Discern what you ought to do.”

8 And all the people, standing, responded as if with the word of one man: “We shall not return to our own tents, nor shall anyone enter into his own house.

9 But this we shall do in common against Gibeah:

10 We shall select ten men out of one hundred from all the tribes of Israel, and one hundred out of one thousand, and one thousand out of ten thousand, so that they may transport supplies for the army, and so that we will be able to fight against Gibeah of Benjamin, and to repay it for its crime as it deserves.”

11 And all of Israel convened against the city, like one man, with one mind and one counsel.

12 And they sent messengers to the entire tribe of Benjamin, who said: “Why has so great a wickedness been found among you?

13 Deliver the men of Gibeah, who have perpetrated this deplorable act, so that they may die, and so that the evil may be taken away from Israel.” And they were not willing to listen to the command of their brothers, the sons of Israel.

14 Instead, out of all the cities that were their lot, they convened at Gibeah, so that they might bring them assistance, and so that they might contend against the entire people of Israel.

15 And there were found from Benjamin twenty-five thousand who drew the sword, aside from the inhabitants of Gibeah,

16 who were seven hundred very strong men, fighting with the left hand as well as with the right hand, and casting stones from a sling so accurately that they were able to strike even a hair, and the path of the stone would by no means miss to either side.

17 Then too, among the men of Israel apart from the sons of Benjamin, there were found four hundred thousand who drew the sword and who were prepared for battle.

18 And they rose up and went to the house of God, that is, to Shiloh. And they consulted God, and they said, “Who shall be, in our army, the first to contend against the sons of Benjamin?” And the Lord responded to them, “Let Judah be your leader.”

19 And immediately the sons of Israel, rising up in the morning, made camp near Gibeah.

20 And setting out from there to fight against Benjamin, they began to assault the city.

21 And the sons of Benjamin, departing from Gibeah, slew twenty-two thousand men from the sons of Israel, on that day.

22 Again the sons of Israel, trusting in both strength and number, set their troops in order, in the same place where they had contended before.

23 But first they also went up and wept before the Lord, even until night. And they consulted him and said, “Should I continue to go forth, so as to contend against the sons of Benjamin, my brothers, or not?” And he responded to them, “Ascend against them, and undertake the struggle.”

24 And when the sons of Israel had continued to do battle against the sons of Benjamin on the next day,

25 the sons of Benjamin burst forth from the gates of Gibeah. And meeting them, they made such a frenzied slaughter against them that they struck down eighteen thousand men who drew the sword.

26 As a result, all the sons of Israel went to the house of God, and sitting down, they wept before the Lord. And they fasted that day until evening, and they offered to him holocausts and victims of peace offerings.

27 And they inquired about their state. At that time, the ark of the covenant of the Lord was in that place.

28 And Phinehas, the son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron, was the first ruler of the house. And so, they consulted the Lord, and they said, “Should we continue to go forth in battle against the sons of Benjamin, our brothers, or should we cease?” And the Lord said to them: “Ascend. For tomorrow, I will deliver them into your hands.”

29 And the sons of Israel stationed ambushes around the city of Gibeah.

30 And they brought out their army against Benjamin a third time, just as they had done on the first and second times.

31 But the sons of Benjamin again burst forth boldly from the city. And since their enemies were fleeing, they pursued them a long way, so that they might wound or kill some of them, just as they had done on the first and second days. And they turned their backs along two paths, one bringing them toward Bethel, and the other toward Gibeah. And they struck down about thirty men.

32 For they thought that they were falling back as they had done before. But instead, skillfully feigning flight, they undertook a plan to draw them away from the city, and by seeming to flee, to lead them along the above stated paths.

33 And so all the sons of Israel, rising up from their positions, set their troops in order, in the place which is called Baaltamar. Likewise, the ambushes that encircled the city began, little by little, to reveal themselves,

34 and to advance upon the western part of the city.

35 And the Lord struck them down in the sight of the sons of Israel, and they put to death, on that day, twenty-five thousand of them, along with one hundred men, all warriors and those who drew the sword.

36 But the sons of Benjamin, when they had seen themselves to be the weaker, began to flee. And the sons of Israel discerning this, gave them room to flee, so that they might arrive at the ambushes that were prepared, which they had positioned near the city.

37 And after they had risen up suddenly from hiding, and those of Benjamin had turned their backs to those who cut them down, they entered the city, and they struck it with the edge of the sword.

38 Now the sons of Israel had given a sign to those whom they had stationed in ambushes, so that, after they had seized the city, they would light a fire, and by the smoke ascending on high, they would show that the city was captured.

39 And then, the sons of Israel discerned this sign during the battle (for the sons of Benjamin had thought that they fled, and they pursued them forcefully, cutting down thirty men from their army).

40 And they saw something like a pillar of smoke ascending from the city. Likewise, Benjamin, looking back, discerned that the city was captured, for the flames were being carried on high.

41 And those who before had pretended to flee, turning their faces, withstood them more strongly. And when the sons of Benjamin had seen this, they turned their backs in flight,

42 and they began to go toward the way of the desert, with the adversary pursuing them to that place also. Moreover, those who had set fire to the city also met them.

43 And so it happened that they were cut down on both sides by the enemies, nor was there any respite for the dying. They were killed and struck down on the eastern side of the city of Gibeah.

44 Now those who were put to death in the same place were eighteen thousand men, all very robust fighters.

45 And when those who remained of Benjamin had seen this, they fled into the wilderness. And they were traveling toward the rock which is called Rimmon. In that flight also, among those who were scattering in different directions, they slew five thousand men. And though they scattered all the more, they continued to pursue them, and then they put to death another two thousand.

46 And so it happened that all of those who were slain from Benjamin, in various places, were twenty-five thousand fighters, very willing to go to war.

47 And so there remained from the entire number of Benjamin six hundred men who were able to escape and to flee into the wilderness. And they settled at the rock of Rimmon, for four months.

48 But the sons of Israel, returning, had struck with the sword all that remained in the city, from men even to cattle. And all the cities and villages of Benjamin were consumed with devouring flames.

1 The sons of Israel had also taken an oath at Mizpah, and they said, “None of us shall give his daughters as a wife to the sons of Benjamin.”

2 And they all went to the house of God at Shiloh. And sitting in his sight until evening, they lifted up their voice, and they began to weep, with a great wailing, saying,

3 Why, O Lord, God of Israel, has this evil happened among your people, so that this day one tribe would be taken away from us?

4 Then, rising at first light on the next day, they built an altar. And they offered holocausts and victims of peace offerings there, and they said,

5 Who, out of all the tribes of Israel, did not ascend with the army of the Lord? For they had bound themselves with a great oath, when they were at Mizpah, that whoever was not present would be slain.

6 And the sons of Israel, having been led to repentance over their brother Benjamin, began to say: “One tribe has been taken away from Israel.

7 From where shall they receive wives? For we have all sworn in common that we will not give our daughters to them.”

8 For this reason, they said, “Who is there, out of all the tribes of Israel, that did not ascend to the Lord at Mizpah?” And behold, the inhabitants of Jabesh-Gilead were found not to have been among that army.

9 (Likewise, in the time when they had been at Shiloh, not one of them was found to be there.)

10 And so they sent ten thousand very robust men, and they instructed them, saying, “Go and strike down the inhabitants of Jabesh-Gilead with the edge of the sword, including their wives and little ones.”

11 And this shall be what you ought to do: “Everyone of the male gender, as well as all the women who have known men, shall be put to death. But the virgins you shall reserve.”

12 And four hundred virgins, who had not known the bed of a man, were found from Jabesh-Gilead. And they brought them to the camp at Shiloh, in the land of Canaan.

13 And they sent messengers to the sons of Benjamin, who were at the rock of Rimmon, and they instructed them, so that they would receive them in peace.

14 And the sons of Benjamin went, at that time, and wives were given to them from the daughters of Jabesh-Gilead. but others were not found, whom they might give in a similar manner.

15 And all of Israel was very saddened, and they did penance for destroying one tribe out of Israel.

16 And those greater by birth said: “What shall we do with the remainder, those who have not received wives? For all the females of Benjamin have been cut down,

17 and we must take great care, and make provision with a very great diligence, so that one tribe may not be wiped away from Israel.

18 As for our own daughters, we are not able to give them, being bound by an oath and a curse, when we said, ‘Accursed is he who will give any of his daughters to Benjamin as a wife.’ “

19 And they took counsel, and they said, “Behold, there is a yearly solemnity of the Lord at Shiloh, which is situated to the north of the city of Bethel, and on the eastern side of the way that one takes from Bethel to Shechem, and to the south of the town of Lebonah.”

20 And they instructed the sons of Benjamin, and they said: “Go, and hide in the vineyards.

21 And when you will have seen daughters of Shiloh being led out to dance, according to custom, go forth suddenly from the vineyards, and let each one seize one wife from among them, and travel into the land of Benjamin.

22 And when their fathers and brothers arrive, and they begin to complain against you and to argue, we will say to them: ‘Take pity on them. For they have not seized them by right of war or conquest. Instead, begging to receive them, you did not give them, and so the sin was on your part.’ “

23 And so the sons of Benjamin did just as they had been ordered. And according to their number, they seized for themselves one wife each, out of those who were led out dancing. And they went into their own possession, and they built up their cities, and they lived in them.

24 The sons of Israel also returned, according to their tribes and families, to their tents. In those days, there was no king in Israel. Instead, each one did what seemed right to himself.


1 ‘Take off, O Jerusalem, the garment of your sorrow and troubles, and put on your beauty and the honor of that eternal glory, which you have from God.

2 God will surround you with a double garment of justice, and he will set a crown on your head of everlasting honor.

3 For God will reveal his splendor in you to all who are under heaven.

4 For your name will be given to you by God for eternity: the peace of justice and the honor of piety.

5 Arise, O Jerusalem, and stand in exaltation, and look around towards the east, and see your sons, gathering together, from the rising of the sun to the setting of the sun, by the word of the Holy One, rejoicing in the remembrance of God.

6 For they went out from you on foot, led by the enemies, but the Lord will lead them to you, being carried in honor like sons of the kingdom.

7 For God has resolved to humble every high mountain and the longstanding cliffs, and to fill up the steep valleys in order to level the ground, so that Israel may walk diligently in the honor of God.

8 Yet the woods and every sweet-smelling tree have provided shade for Israel by the commandment of God.

9 For God will lead Israel with joy into the light of his majesty, with mercy and justice, which is from him.’ “

1 This is a copy of the letter that Jeremiah sent to those who would be taken captive into Babylon by the king of Babylon, so as to prophesy to them according to the warning he had received about them from God. “Because of the sins which you have sinned before God, you will be carried away into the captivity of Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon.

2 And so, having been taken into Babylon, you will be there many years and for a long time, even to seven generations, yet after this, I will lead you away from there with peace.

3 But now, you will see in Babylon gods of gold and of silver, and of stone and of wood, carried upon shoulders, an awful display for the peoples.

4 See to it, then, that you do not in effect become like these strangers and become afraid, so that in awe you would be carried away into their midst.

5 And so, seeing the turmoil, behind you and in front of you, as they are worshiping, say in your hearts, ‘You ought to be adored, O Lord.’

6 For my angel is with you. And I myself will examine your souls.

7 For their tongue is polished by the craftsman, and they themselves are even inlaid with gold and silver, yet they are false and unable to speak.

8 And, just like a virgin who loves to decorate herself, so do they take up gold and make designs with it.

9 Their gods have crowns of certified gold upon their heads, from which the priests subtract gold and silver, and spend it on themselves.

10 Moreover, they even give from it to prostitutes, and use it to adorn kept women, and when they receive it back from the kept women, they use it to adorn their gods.

11 But these cannot be freed from rust and moths.

12 Although they are covered with a purple garment, they must wipe off their face, because of the dust of the house, which is very great around them.

13 Yet he who holds a scepter like a man, like the judge of the region, cannot put to death one who sins against him.

Psalms: Psalms – 68:8-14

8 O God, when thou didst go forth in the sight of thy people, when thou didst pass through the desert:

9 The earth was moved, and the heavens dropped at the presence of the God of Sina, at the presence of the God of Israel.

10 Thou shalt set aside for thy inheritance a free rain, O God: and it was weakened, but thou hast made it perfect.

11 In it shall thy animals dwell; in thy sweetness, O God, thou hast provided for the poor.

12 The Lord shall give the word to them that preach good tidings with great power.

13 The king of powers is of the beloved, of the beloved; and the beauty of the house shall divide spoils.

14 If you sleep among the midst of lots, you shall be as the wings of a dove covered with silver, and the hinder parts of her back with the paleness of gold.

New Testament: John – 7:1-21

1 Then, after these things, Jesus was walking in Galilee. For he was not willing to walk in Judea, because the Jews were seeking to kill him.

2 Now the feast day of the Jews, the Feast of Tabernacles, was near.

3 And his brothers said to him: “Move away from here and go into Judea, so that your disciples there may also see your works that you do.

4 Of course, no one does anything in secret, but he himself seeks to be in the public view. Since you do these things, manifest yourself to the world.”

5 For neither did his brothers believe in him.

6 Therefore, Jesus said to them: “My time has not yet come; but your time is always at hand.

7 The world cannot hate you. But it hates me, because I offer testimony about it, that its works are evil.

8 You may go up to this feast day. But I am not going up to this feast day, because my time has not yet been fulfilled.”

9 When he had said these things, he himself remained in Galilee.

10 But after his brothers went up, then he also went up to the feast day, not openly, but as if in secret.

11 Therefore, the Jews were seeking him on the feast day, and they were saying, “Where is he?”

12 And there was much murmuring in the crowd concerning him. For certain ones were saying, “He is good.” But others were saying, “No, for he seduces the crowds.”

13 Yet no one was speaking openly about him, out of fear of the Jews.

14 Then, about the middle of the feast, Jesus ascended into the temple, and he was teaching.

15 And the Jews wondered, saying: “How does this one know letters, though he has not been taught?”

16 Jesus responded to them and said: “My doctrine is not of me, but of him who sent me.

17 If anyone has chosen to do his will, then he will realize, about the doctrine, whether it is from God, or whether I am speaking from myself.

18 Whoever speaks from himself seeks his own glory. But whoever seeks the glory of him who sent him, this one is true, and injustice is not in him.

19 Did not Moses give you the law? And yet not one among you keeps the law!

20 Why are you seeking to kill me?” The crowd responded and said: “You must have a demon. Who is seeking to kill you?”

21 Jesus responded and said to them: “One work have I done, and you all wonder.

Simplest Bible in a Year plan compiled using the “Catholic Public Domain Version Bible“. This is not the Readings at the Mass. For the Mass Readings, check the Mass Readings taken from the New Jerusalem Bible or the Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible.
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