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Bible in a Year – November – 27 | Day – 331

This is not the Readings at the Mass. For the Mass Readings, check the Mass Readings taken from the New Jerusalem Bible or the Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible.
November – 27 | Day – 331
Old Testament: Wisdom – 7 | First Maccabees – 13:18-37

1 Certainly, I myself am also a mortal man, like everyone, and the offspring of this earth, which was made beforehand; and in my mother’s womb I was fashioned with care,

2 within the time of ten months, made of blood, from the seed of man and the delight of sleeping together.

3 And when I was born, I drew in the common air, and in similar fashion, I fell upon the earth, and the first voice I uttered, like everyone, was crying.

4 I was nursed in swaddling clothes and with great care.

5 For none of the kings had any other beginning of birth.

6 Therefore, there is only one entrance for everyone into life, and the same in leaving.

7 Because of this, I chose, and understanding was given to me; and I prayed, and the spirit of wisdom came to me;

8 and I placed her before kingdoms and thrones, and I considered riches nothing in comparison with her.

9 Neither did I compare to her a precious stone, for all gold in comparison with her is like a little sand, and silver, in view of her, will be valued as if dirt.

10 I loved her above health and beauty, and I placed having her before light, for her light is unfailing.

11 Yet all good things came to me together with her, and innumerable honors by her hand;

12 and I rejoiced in all these, because this wisdom went before me, although I did not know that she is the mother of them all.

13 This I have learned without falsehood and communicate without envy, and her integrity I do not hide.

14 Indeed, she is an infinite treasure chest for men, and those who make use of it, become partakers in the friendship of God, because they are recommended by the gifts of instruction.

15 Yet God has given to me to speak my mind, and to conceive thoughts worthy of those things that are given to me, because he is the leader of wisdom and the repairer of understanding.

16 For in his hand are both we, and our words, and all wisdom, and the works of science, and instruction.

17 For he has given me true knowledge of these things which exist: so as to know the orderly arrangement of the world, and the powers of the elements,

18 the beginning and the end and the midpoint of the seasons, the characteristics of changing things, and the divisions of time,

19 the courses of the years, and the orderly arrangement of the stars,

20 the natures of animals, and the rage of wild beasts, the force of winds, and the reasonings of men, the diversities of plants, and the benefits of roots,

21 and all such things as are hidden and unexpected, I have learned; for wisdom, the artisan of all things, taught me.

22 For in her is the spirit of understanding: holy, singular, manifold, subtle, perceptive, lively, chaste, reliable, gracious, loving, good, astute, who forbids nothing beneficial,

23 humane, kind, steadfast, trustworthy, secure, having all virtue, watching for all things and grasping all things with a pure and most delicate understanding of spirit.

24 For wisdom is more active than all active things, yet she reaches everywhere because of her purity.

25 For she is a breath of the virtue of God and a genuine emanation from the purity of the almighty God, and therefore nothing unclean can invade her.

26 Indeed, she is the brightness of eternal light, and the unspotted mirror of the majesty of God, and the image of his goodness.

27 And though she is one, she can do all things; and, unchanging in herself, she renews all things, and throughout the nations she conveys herself to holy souls, establishing them as friends and prophets of God.

28 For God loves none but those who dwell with wisdom.

29 For she is more spectacular than the sun, and above the array of all the stars; compared with the light, she is found to be before it.

30 Indeed, after her comes night, but wisdom will not be overcome by malice.


18 It is because he did not send the money and the boys that he perished.

19 So he sent the boys and one hundred talents. And he was lying and did not dismiss Jonathan.

20 And after this, Trypho came into the country, to crush it. And they circled around by the way that leads to Adora. And Simon and his camp marched into every place, wherever they went.

21 But those who were in the stronghold sent messengers to Trypho, so that he would hurry to come through the desert, and to send them provisions.

22 And Trypho prepared all his horsemen to arrive on that night. But there was a very great snowfall, and he did not come into Gilead.

23 And when he approached toward Baskama, he killed Jonathan and his sons there.

24 And Trypho turned back and went into his own land.

25 And Simon sent and took the bones of Jonathan, his brother, and he buried them in Modin, the city of his fathers.

26 And all Israel bewailed him with great lamentation. And they mourned him for many days.

27 And Simon built, over the sepulcher of his father and of his brothers, a building, lofty to see, of polished stone, front and back.

28 And he set up seven pyramids, one against another, for his father, and his mother, and his four brothers.

29 And around these he placed great columns; and upon the columns, weapons, as a continual memorial; and beside the weapons, carvings of ships, which might be seen by all those who sail the sea.

30 This is the sepulcher that he made in Modin, even to this day.

31 But Trypho, when he was on a journey with the young king, Antiochus, killed him by deceit.

32 And he reigned in his place, and he put on the diadem of Asia, and he caused great scourges upon the land.

33 And Simon built up the strongholds of Judea, fortifying them with high towers, and great walls, and gates and bars. And he placed provisions in the fortresses.

34 And Simon chose men, and he sent to king Demetrius, so that he would grant a remission to the region, for all that Trypho did was to carry out plundering.

35 And king Demetrius responded to this word, and he wrote a letter in this manner:

36 King Demetrius to Simon, the high priest and friend of kings, and to the elders, and to the people of the Jews: greetings.

37 The golden crown and the bahem that you sent, we have received. And we are prepared to make a great peace with you, and to write to the officers of the king to remit to you the things that we have released.

Psalms: Psalms – 132:13-18

13 For the Lord hath chosen Sion: he hath chosen it for his dwelling.

14 This is my rest for ever and ever: here will I dwell, for I have chosen it.

15 Blessing, I will bless her widow: I will satisfy her poor with bread.

16 I will clothe her priests with salvation: and her saints shall rejoice with exceeding great joy.

17 There will I bring forth a horn to David: I have prepared a lamp for my anointed.

18 His enemies I will clothe with confusion: but upon him will my sanctification flourish.

New Testament: James – 4

1 Where do wars and contentions among you come from? Is it not from this: from your own desires, which battle within your members?

2 You desire, and you do not have. You envy and you kill, and you are unable to obtain. You argue and you fight, and you do not have, because you do not ask.

3 You ask and you do not receive, because you ask badly, so that you may use it toward your own desires.

4 You adulterers! Do you not know that the friendship of this world is hostile to God? Therefore, whoever has chosen to be a friend of this world has been made into an enemy of God.

5 Or do you think that Scripture says in vain: “The spirit which lives within you desires unto envy?”

6 But he gives a greater grace. Therefore he says: “God resists the arrogant, but he gives grace to the humble.”

7 Therefore, be subject to God. But resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

8 Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners! And purify your hearts, you duplicitous souls!

9 Be afflicted: mourn and weep. Let your laughter be turned into mourning, and your gladness into sorrow.

10 Be humbled in the sight of the Lord, and he will exalt you.

11 Brothers, do not choose to slander one another. Whoever slanders his brother, or whoever judges his brother, slanders the law and judges the law. But if you judge the law, you are not a doer of the law, but a judge.

12 There is one lawgiver and one judge. He is able to destroy, and he is able to set free.

13 But who are you to judge your neighbor? Consider this, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go into that city, and certainly we will spend a year there, and we will do business, and we will make our profit,”

14 consider that you do not know what will be tomorrow.

15 For what is your life? It is a mist that appears for a brief time, and afterwards will vanish away. So what you ought to say is: “If the Lord wills,” or, “If we live,” we will do this or that.

16 But now you exult in your arrogance. All such exultation is wicked.

17 Therefore, he who knows that he ought to do a good thing, and does not do it, for him it is a sin.

Simplest Bible in a Year plan compiled using the “Catholic Public Domain Version Bible“. This is not the Readings at the Mass. For the Mass Readings, check the Mass Readings taken from the New Jerusalem Bible or the Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible.
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